CoinHere was founded in 2017 with the technology providers Genesis Block with the goal of making Bitcoin and Crytpos as accessible as possible. So, as Asia’s leading Bitcoin ATM operator, CoinHere strives to provide as many locations as possible at the most competitive rates. 

In recent years CoinHere has partnered with a number of businesses in Hong Kong and Taiwan with our Bitcoin ATMs. In addition, CoinHere has been branching out into fuelling merchant adoption for Bitcoin and Crypto payments. 

CoinHere has partnered with Genesis Block on the community building and education side of things. Furthermore, we strive to fuel mass adoption while protecting users from cybersecurity threats and potential fraud. Namely the Crypto Classroom provides “How to” security tutorials and information on the Bitcoin and Crypto space for beginners and advanced users alike. 


Keep up to date with the latest partnerships and collaborations. We work with likeminded brands with the underlying 



Want to learn about Bitcoin, Cryptos, and everything Blockchain? Then the Crypto Classroom is the place for you. So you can learn at your pace, on your time, completely free!

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CoinHere operates the largest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ATM network in Asia. In fact, we have more Bitcoin ATMs than some banks.

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