How to buy Bitcoin at an ATM?

In this article we will cover how to buy Bitcoin at an ATM. If you haven’t set up a Bitcoin Wallet and would like to know how to set up, be sure to check out our ‘How to set up a Bitcoin Wallet’ Guide. There are numerous options out there, however, we recommend Trust Wallet.  

Step 1: Tap on Crypto icon to start 

  • Press the crypto icon for the cryptocurrency that you would like to purchase. 

Step 2: Choose amount

  • Choose your trade size. For transaction more than HKD100,000 , you are required to register for an ATM account and go through our KYC/AML procedures. 

Step 3: Scan Your Wallet QR code 

  • Open your digital wallet, scan the QR code for your desired wallet address destination. Please check your wallet address after scanning. 

Step 4: Insert Cash

  • Then, you may now start inserting cash. The first note must be HK$500 or HK$1000. We only accept HK$100, HK$500 and HK$1000 notes.

Step 5: Press Buy

  • After inserting the amount of cash the you would like to buy, press ‘BUY’. 

Step 6: Done! 

  • Your transaction is done! You may wish to take a picture of the screen, this can act as your receipt. Otherwise, we can always lookup your transaction based on your wallet address if need be. 

Thanks for reading our article How to Buy Bitcoin at an ATM? If you’d like to learn more be sure to checkout our other articles. In addition, our partner Genesis Block provides a free classroom that covers Bitcoin, Cryptos, and everything Blockchain. Checkout the link below to learn in the Crypto Classroom:

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